Latino CEED: REACH New England offers a variety of free, community-based, and culturally-appropriate educational and social programs to foster improvement in diabetes care and prevention. For Lawrence residents, Diabetes Self Management Education, Wellness Groups, and Senior Center activities are offered by Latino CEED: REACH New England to help ease the burden of life with diabetes. These programs offer social support, nutrition education, diabetes education, and, in turn, a confident new life with diabetes


The Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) program is a bilingual diabetes education project established by Latino CEED: REACH New England.  Through education, exercise, and empowerment, these classes help to ease the burden of a life with chronic disease and make for healthier, happier community members.


Latino CEED: REACH New England in partnership with Lawrence Council on Aging offers this 10 week diabetes wellness workshop for Latino adults in Lawrence 18 years and older.  The familial environment in which these workshops are held allows participants to interactively engage and learn about the importance of nutrition and portion control, physical activity, and diabetes self-management.


As charged by our mandate, Latino CEED: REACH New England works within the community of Lawrence to prevent as well as treat those susceptible to chronic disease.  The aim of the program is to educate community members at risk for diabetes in order to help them to lead healthier lives.


The YWCA of Greater Lawrence, in cooperation with REACH Latino CEED New England, offers programming focused on the health and wellbeing of women in Lawrence.  For more information, please see the YWCA’s website located here


REACH Latino CEED New England provides a variety of technical assistance options for organizations focused on eliminating health disparities by both affecting social determinants of health and through education.  Strategic planning, educational seminars, conferences, and other support resources are available to partner communities as well as other organizations with a shared mandate.

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